Agencies are the department, office, or any instrumentality of government, including state universities and colleges, government-owned and/or controlled corporations, government financial institutions and local government units registered with the system.

About PhilGEPS Version 1.5

PhilGEPS 1.5 is an enhancement of the existing system that aims to improve reliability, performance and increase number of users accessing the site.

  1. All passwords have been reset. All users are required to generate a temporary password to be used to login. Before a password is generated and for verification purposes, system will ask some information about on the users’ profile. Users will be prompted to change the temporary password upon login. Click here to generate a temporary password.

  2. NOTE: The temporary password is for one- time use only. Users who successfully logged in and changed the password will not be allowed to generate another temporary password.

  3. Electronic copies of documents uploaded during notice creation, bid supplement creation and award creation are being transferred to the new servers in batches, starting from the most recent document. Please bear with us as it will take some time to finish uploading all the documents.

  4. NOTE: You may refer to the website of the procuring entity for copies of bidding document or bid supplement or send us a request through email at or

  1. Only PDF files are allowed to be uploaded as electronic attachment during bid notice creation and bid supplement creation. This removes the conversion of documents to PDF by the system, thus removing the queuing and reducing the processing time.

  2. NOTE: The latest version of MS Office now allows the document to be saved as a PDF file. The guide on how to save documents as PDF can be found here.

    In addition, the bid document uploader is still available to allow buyers to upload copies of bid documents and bid supplement prior to the creation of notice and/or bid supplement in the system.

  3. The Integrated Notices Publication Interface (INPI) is temporarily disabled. This means that bid notices and award notices will not be displayed on the website of the agency while the code of the INPI is being updated.