Frequently Asked Questions

Agencies, suppliers and observers (CSO) may register online at and must fill-out the online registration form by providing the required information. Upon approval of registration, an email notification will be sent to the registered email address which contains the User ID and password. A valid and existing email address must be indicated to receive an email notification consisting of the User ID and temporary password.

For double registration: If an organization received an email notification regarding double registration, this means that the organization has an active registration in PhilGEPS. To validate, kindly contact the PhilGEPS Customer Service.

You may retrieve the password by using the forgot password facility found on the login page. Just fill-out the required information then click submit. Upon successful validation, the password will be sent to the email address registered in the system.

Alternatively, user may send an email requesting for the retrieval of userid or password at or

System automatically locks an account when a user enters an incorrect password for 5 times.

User can try to login again after 30 minutes as the system automatically unlocks the account after this period.

About PhilGEPS Version 1.5

PhilGEPS 1.5 is an enhancement of the existing system that aims to improve reliability, performance and increase number of users accessing the site.

  1. Electronic copies of documents uploaded during notice creation, bid supplement creation and award creation are being transferred to the new servers in batches, starting from the most recent document. Please bear with us as it will take some time to finish uploading all the documents.

  2. NOTE: You may refer to the website of the procuring entity for copies of bidding document or bid supplement or send us a request through email at or

  1. All bid match profiles were reset. This means that the bid match profiles were reverted to the default setting and suppliers will not receive any bid match notification temporarily until the bid match profile is setup.

  2. NOTE: Supppliers who wish to again use the bid matching feature and receive email notifications should just set-up their bid matching profile by following the steps below:

    1. Log-in to using your User ID and password
    2. Go to MY PROFILE tab
    3. Click BID MATCHING menu to display the bid matching profile
    4. Select business category (in the meantime while the other fields are being optimized)
    5. Set “email” as Delivery Method
    6. Click SAVE
  3. The upgrade of membership inside the system was disabled and all registration types were reverted back to the default type. Please note that there is a separate facility for processing applications for platinum membership since October 9, 2017. Suppliers who wish to apply for new, renewal and update of platinum membership certificates should go the platinum membership page Only applications submitted though this separate facility will be processed.

  4. NOTE: The list of registered platinum merchants can be viewed from this link. Suppliers who wish to get a copy of their platinum certificate can send a request through email at

  1. Only PDF files are allowed to be uploaded as electronic attachment during bid notice creation and bid supplement creation. This removes the conversion of documents to PDF by the system, thus removing the queuing and reducing the processing time.

  2. NOTE: The latest version of MS Office now allows the document to be saved as a PDF file. The guide on how to save documents as PDF can be found here.

    In addition, the bid document uploader is still available to allow buyers to upload copies of bid documents and bid supplement prior to the creation of notice and/or bid supplement in the system.

  3. The Integrated Notices Publication Interface (INPI) is temporarily disabled. This means that bid notices and award notices will not be displayed on the website of the agency while the code of the INPI is being updated.