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Bid Notice Abstract
Invitation to Bid (ITB)
  Reference Number 6382233
  Title Purchase of Fire Truck
  Area of Delivery Ilocos Sur   Printable Version
Solicitation Number: 2019-08-08a
Trade Agreement: Implementing Rules and Regulations
Procurement Mode: Public Bidding
Classification: Goods
Category: Vehicles
Approved Budget for the Contract: PHP 5,200,000.00
Delivery Period: 90 Day/s
Client Agency:

Contact Person: Jannette Rojas Raganit
BAC Secretary
San Vicente
Ilocos Sur


Associated Components Order
Bid Supplements
Document Request List
Date Published 09/08/2019
Last Updated / Time 09/08/2019 12:00 AM
Closing Date / Time 08/11/2019 1:00 AM

Engine: High Power Direct-Injection OHC Intercooled Turbo Diesel Engine
- Transmission: Manual Transmission
- Displacement: 5,193cc
- Maximum Output: 110kW (150PS) / 2,600rpm (net)
- Maximum Torque: 404N.m (41.okg-m) / 1,500-2,600rpm (net)
Chassis: Brand New 8 Ton Chassis
Differential: Original Heavy Duty 6 Wheeler 6 Stud Differential Truck
Water Tank: 4,000 Liters Water Capacity Corrugated Design Stainless Steel Water Tank
- Water Level Indicator: Manual Type Water Level indicator with Special Plastic Tubing with Aluminum Frame with Fittings
Fire Pump: 2000 Liters Per Min (LPM) Euro-Grade Power Take Off Driven Fire Pump
- Manufactures with High Quality Light Alloy Aluminum
- Single Stage Bronze Blower
- Complying with European Standard (EN) ISO 1028 certification
- Thermal Expulsion System (To avoid Overheating) and Mechanical Stuffing Impermeability
- Self-Priming with Automatic Suction System
- Vacuum Pump made of Etial 171 aluminum alloy
- Bronze (RG5 GIN 1705) Bearing Material
- Manually Controlled electromagnetic Clutch for Vacuum Engaging
- Automatic Relieve system pressure transmitter
- Discharge capacity of 2000 lpm (528gpm) with minimum 145 PSI
- Capable of Pump and Roll System
- Made In Europe Fire Pump (Class A) P.T.O. Driven Fire Pump
- Gauges: 2018 Design Backlit LED Illuminated Pressure and Compound Gauges
Power Take Off: Brand New Single Output Euro Grade P.T.O (Power Take Off)
- PTO System has aluminum Body with Built In Cooling System
- Special Designed Gears and Bearing that it can be used 6 Hours Non Stop
- This P.T.O. Has a Pump And Roll Special Ability
- Made In Europe P.T.O. (Class A) Split Shaft P.T.O. (ISO Certified)
Equipped with Brand New Original Euro Grade Class A Power Take Off (P.T.O) Drive Shafts
Pump Connection: Stainless Steel Piping System
- Discharge Valve: 4 Sets Brand New Class A European-grade 2 ½’’ anodized aluminum discharge outlet valves
- Suction Inlet: 1Set Brand New Brass Suction Inlet
- Tank to Pump Valve: 1 Set Brands New 4” Japan-grade Tank to Pump Ball Valve
- Supply Valve: 1 Set Brand New 2 ½’’ Japan-grade Supply Valve

Body (Superstructure); Fully Customized Fire Truck Superstructure
- Roll Up: 5 Sets Imported Euro-Grade Aluminum Roller Shutter
Designed for Pump Protection and Equipment Storage
Anodized Coating and High Quality Aluminum
Pipe-Type Spring Locking for opening and closing the roller shutter
Specially designed aluminum tumblers with locking system
Plastic Cording for water and dust proofing
- Crew Cabin: Brand New Crew Cabin Compartment with Seating 4 Extra Fire Men
Equipped with Imported Heavy Duty Cabin Door Installed with Imported Rubber Molding and a Sliding Glass Window (Not Local)
Lined with High Quality Aluminum Checkered Plate Panels
Installed with 2 Sets Brand New Speaker System
- Air Blower: 2 Sets Electric Air Blower System (For Crew Cabin Ventilation)
- Access Stairs: 2Sets Stainless Steel Access Stairs at the Rear
Fire Turret: Brand New Japan-grade Imported Class A Adjustable Fire Turret
- Made out of bronze BC6 (C83600), which is ideal for corrosive environment
- Cast ball joints fitted with Stainless Steel Ball bearings and lubricated with a grease mouth
- Stainless Steel Levers and PVC Handles
- 2.5” Outlet diameter with angle of rotation at 85° elevation angle and 40° depression angle
- Capable of 360° rotation adjustable movement and 3 types of water output (water column, narrow water mist, and wide water mist)
Painting: Imported Hipic High Quality Poly Urethane Paint “Fire Red” Color

Standard Extra Fire Truck Equipment Included:

o Hose, Nozzle, Ball Valve:
- 4 Pcs. Beand New Fire Hoses 1½ in size 50 Feet Each Double Jacket
- 1 Set Brand New Suction Hose with Spring for Water Drafting and Refills 10 Feet
- 1 Pcs Brand New Adjustable Fog / Stream Fire Nozzle (PISTOL TYPE) 1½ Class A Taiwan
- 2 Pcs Brand New Imported Brass Reducers for Philippine Specifications Hoses (1½” & 2 ½”)
- 1 Pc Brand New Japan-made Pump-to-Tank 4” Ball Valve

o Lights:
- 1 Set Brand New Very Long Super Thin Gen 3 LED One Sided 2018VEr. Emergency Light Bar
 Equipped with Strong 175mm Light Weight Aluminum Frame for the Light Bar 24V
 Equipped with Gen. 3 LED Lights (Red Lens) Red Light & Middle Mounted DRL Red LED
- 2 Sets Latest Model Imported LED Search Lights with Bracket Handle and Switch
- 8 Pcs. V LED Lighthead: Dual Combination Red Warning and Scenelight
 Linear LED designed reflector assembly
 Warning Light has 180 degrees illumination
 V Shaped Hard-coated Polycarbonate Lenses for minimal environmental damages
 Chrome Flange
 Generation 3 High-power LED
 Red Warning light with White illumination
 12-24 VDC
 Built-In-Flasher
- 2 Pcs. V LED Lighthead: Red LED Warning light
 Linear LED designed reflector assembly
 Warning Light has 180 degrees illumination
 V Shaped Hard-coated Polycarbonate Lenses for minimal environmental damages
 Chrome Flange
 Generation 3 High-power LED
 Red Lens with Red Color illumination
 12-24 VDC
 Built-In-Flasher
- 7 Pcs V LED Lighthead Clear LED Warning Light
 Linear LED designed reflector assembly
 Warning Light has 180 degrees illumination
 V Shaped Hard-coated Polycarbonate Lenses for minimal environmental damages
 Chrome Flange
 Generation 3 High-power LED
 Clear Lens with White Color illumination
 12-24 VDC
 Built-In-Flasher
- 2 Sets Brand New Clear LED Compartments Light 30mm In Length w/ Aluminum Frame 24V
- 8Pcs Original JET Sparking Clearance Light with Chrome Frame 24V
- 2 Pcs Tube type Flat Mounted Gen 4 LED Lights with stainless Stell Frame (Front)
- 1 Set Original Super Custom Design JET Dual Type Japan-Grade Tail Light with Chrome Finishing 24 Volts with Custom Made Local Stainless Protection Cage with Design for Protection

o 1 Set Brand New PA300 Design Emergency Siren Original 24 Volts w/ Public Adress System
- Capable of 4 Tones: Wail. Yelp. Hi-Lo, and Phaser
- Output Power: 100W @ 12.8V
- Frequency Range: 700Hz – 1500Hz
- MIC Amplifier, Air-Horn/Siren Switch, Horn Ring (TAP II)

o 1 Pc. Rigid Fiberglass with aluminum Extension Ladder 10 Feet Extend to 18 Feet In Height

o 12 Sets Original European Made Class a Aluminum Dual Hole Ballustrade with Stainless Railings

o Fireman Equipment and Tools
- 2 Pcs Brass Spanner Wrench 1 ½” and 2 ½” in Size
- 1 Pc Pick Head Axe with Bracket System
- 1 Pc Flat Head Axe with Bracket System
- 1 Set Bolt Cutter with Bracket System
- 1 Set Large Crow Bar with Bracket System
- 1 Set Large Ball Hammer with Bracket System
- 1 Set Pike Pole with 10ft Wooden Handle and Bracket System

o 1 Pc. Brand New Truck MP3/MP5 Player with FM capabilities & 2 Pc. Speaker (24 Volts)
- SD/MMC Card Slot and USB 2.0 Port
- LED/LCD Color Display
- Multi-function IR Remote Control (10m Distance)

o 2 Sets Brand New Class A Motolite Truck Batteries

o 1 Pc 6 Holes Japan-Grade Rim with Tire

o 1 Set Jack and Tire Wrench

Pre-bid Conference




23/08/2019 9:30 AM Municipal Hall, San Vicente, Ilocos Sur

Created by Jannette Rojas Raganit
Date Created 08/08/2019

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